Thursday, August 26, 2010

To eaze my mind in these troubled times......

 Fuck yeah back on the blog! Some bullshits gonna get exposed "ehh buddy ehh, ehhh"!

       Today on the Alive and Thriving punk blog i wanna start talking about Wealth! Its defined in the dictionary as "the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money" Yeah cash money millionaires! Jay Z baby! 50 inch screen,  money green leather sofa!  Or so that's what we are told Wealth is! Whats in your wallet? Diamonds on your neck Diamonds on your grill? 

How wealthy are you?  How much capital do you own? Have a car, own a house, invest in the stock market for a bigger and brighter future or are you just like Scrooge Mcduck and have a huge vault you swim around in money in?

  Guess what,  in the state of the world we live in the defintion of wealth is gonna change. Why because if you rich and affluent and if you have a plentiful supply of material good or money who cares. The worlds going down the shitter. Sure, if you got some cash you can pay the bills and buy some food and get drunk.

  Im not a man of big words, or good grammar.  Although i think Wealth needs to be redefined!

Wealth - "the quality of profuse happiness". Wealth is now measured not by whats in your wallet, but how many memories of kill buddy times are in your wallet! So if your like me now that i redefined wealth, your a cash money millionaire!!!!  

 Drink and be marry, you would be investing in your wealth! Im not sure if any of this came out the right way. I just wanna say, that life is good. Our community is alive and thriving, wich makes us are rich as fuck! Yeah up the punx, dont trip your richer then you think baby!

Well time for lendawg to cook up some food, which i purchased with money not my wealth! hahahaha

Until next time, peace, punk, love and life! <3



  1. greetings from weed California kill buddy. enjoying yr blog on the road. ugh. spectres