Saturday, July 31, 2010

Woke up, with pain in my head!
Holly snapping shitters, yesterday was quite the day! Spent the day at Brohm lake in squamish! Loaded a van full of dear friends then spent around 6 hours jumping off cliffs and bombing from rope swings it was kill buddy! Not only that but the Djs in the van, were fucking kill so we had crucial kill jammer for the ride up and back! Yeah buddy it was amazing!

Anyways i cant keep writing right now as today is gonna be a big day and i need to get ready! Peace out world wide web baby, i got you dont trip!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alive and thriving

Welcome to lenblog!
This shits gonna be full of grammer and spelling errors but just fucking stoking punk buddy! UUUGH!
Oh god yeah, if you wanna get pumped and know what the hell is going down in the crucial world for LENDAWG! Keep checking for updates!

Mike, Klayer and I are cooking a sick vegan feast! Its huge buddy, just right kill! Listening to the new Uncurbed war victims split and sharing stories! Oh god yeah!

After we eat we are headed to north vancouver to go just off some water falls, and go for a swimg!

After that there is a sick punk gig at the alf house! GET SOME! UGH!