Friday, May 13, 2011


Well hello;
Dear friends and fallowers of the peacepunklovelife blog!
Get stoked; were at a party and we are updating this fucking kill buddy blog! Yeah thats right, pond! So get wet and get stoked we fucking raging in the pond fucking hard POND DICKS!
Does this make sence? Who cares; fuck you!
Thats, we did beer. We chucked around the footy in the sun (well not me, sport are lame; im a cyclest!)
We intemidated the laaaaaame fucking nabours of east van, but dont trip my foots still in pain and im still getting paid! So fuck yall!
Sure this blog is supposed to have something to do with punk but if lame iddiots can write there thoughts in a blog in mrr then i can write this run on sentece blog!
Im not trying to be steam punk, as i might have typed this on a type writter before i wrote it on this mac from the ussr! But yeah so what; FUCK YALLL
The world is fuck; thats what they say,what can you do?
Grab them by the scuff of the balls and change what you fucking have too!

So All walks in! He puts a crazy sex mask on his face (eyes wide shut he says "with a neck bitter")
He is acting all freeky deeky!
Wow why am i updating my blog right now?
Bradd and Nick walk in!
Bradds is talking about play by plays and All has a unicorn dick!