Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up time

    No idea really on how to start off this blog. Its been along time since I have done any updating. Fuck the last update was September. Its almost December now; never ending winter and shit (dark and bruutal).
  So yeah ive been a lil lazy with thee updates. Lots has happened since the last update, gatherings with dear friends, punk community thriving,  gigs, mistakes, lessons learned, never ending education in day to day life, and love! 

   Anyways, I titled this blog "Wake up time" and that's exactly what im hear to fucking blog about! So get fucking stoked, grab a seat, buckle up and hold on to your fucking hats, because its time to WAKE UP! 
   Fallow your dreams, fallow your feelings, don't let any mother fucking grind you down!
   Yeah sure I stole the title of this blog and some of the content from a Tom Petty song, but its fucking true. Real words misspelt or not to fucking live by!!
   Yeah I know,  you know this. Sure I might be preaching to the quire, but fuck what ever. Some times you gotta read that shit. Some times you gotta write that shit down. All i'm saying is go out there, learn, stay stoked, fallow your dreams, fallow your heart, PEACE, PUNK, LOVE, and LIFE!

picture above is me being a fucking retard
(do not attempt to re-create in any way shape or form)
  you do the crime and you pay! some times you loose $ / some times you can lose things that you love

Keep it punk
Stay Stoked
Until next time dear friends
-L.G. (Lenny Grinder)

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