Sunday, July 24, 2011

A trip to the boat

Just another friday.
I finished another day at school. Headed home, packed by bag quick, and headed to the ferry boat.
It was a bit of a rush from school to home, then to the bus, then on the sky train, then on another express bus to the boat. Lets just say i didn't have enough time to roll up to many PRD's for the trip over.
I arrived, to the boat and had some time to kill before we left.
So I walked down to the water, found a nice rock to get my perch on. Then sat down. She was a little socked in, but it was still a sweet kill buddy view over looking the water.  Just a sick spot to blaze a fat goober at!  The time was right, the view was sick, it was time to burn one!

When  I heard some raspy voice  from behind.
"Hey you like pot? You wanna get stoned?"

It turned around and from my first impression i could tell this dude was a mad burner.
So I walked on over. Told him, fuck yeah ill get stoned and shit yeah i like pot!
He was an older dude,  all scruffy as fuck. Couldn't see his eyes because he was wearing job site wrap around safety glasses and had his camouflage bucket on real low.  I mentioned earlier that it was kinda socked in but fuck she still was a warm day and this guy was wearing a huge gortex rain jacket.

So he gets talking to me, just going off about how fucking stoked he is on his dense buds (I'm not talking about his friends) but the mad nugs he had.
He started talking about his situation in vancouver and why he was going back to the island. He was a little fucking moaded about it all.

What do i do in that kinda sitch. Just stated getting him pumped up! Telling him not to trip and getting him all stoked! Ha it was kill.

He pulled out his phone and just started blasting Alice In Chains. Telling me how stoked he is on them. So i just started going with it. Fuck yeah Alice In Chains! Big time kill! Gawd yeah! Fucking eh buddy!

Must have smoked two fatties with him over this time. Then we started talking about his tats! He said that he was covered. If he was i couldn't tell through that crazy rain jacket or camo pants. So he tells me he will show me is favourite one. BUT THATS IT!


Just gave him a sweet high five! Im pretty sure its his only tat as he said he had other that were better but wouldn't show me.

Then he put on ICP!

I was like; well thanks for the tokes bro! Im gonna bounce and hit the shitter! Latter dude!

ha yeah thats my story. Don't trip!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Well hello;
Dear friends and fallowers of the peacepunklovelife blog!
Get stoked; were at a party and we are updating this fucking kill buddy blog! Yeah thats right, pond! So get wet and get stoked we fucking raging in the pond fucking hard POND DICKS!
Does this make sence? Who cares; fuck you!
Thats, we did beer. We chucked around the footy in the sun (well not me, sport are lame; im a cyclest!)
We intemidated the laaaaaame fucking nabours of east van, but dont trip my foots still in pain and im still getting paid! So fuck yall!
Sure this blog is supposed to have something to do with punk but if lame iddiots can write there thoughts in a blog in mrr then i can write this run on sentece blog!
Im not trying to be steam punk, as i might have typed this on a type writter before i wrote it on this mac from the ussr! But yeah so what; FUCK YALLL
The world is fuck; thats what they say,what can you do?
Grab them by the scuff of the balls and change what you fucking have too!

So All walks in! He puts a crazy sex mask on his face (eyes wide shut he says "with a neck bitter")
He is acting all freeky deeky!
Wow why am i updating my blog right now?
Bradd and Nick walk in!
Bradds is talking about play by plays and All has a unicorn dick!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up time

    No idea really on how to start off this blog. Its been along time since I have done any updating. Fuck the last update was September. Its almost December now; never ending winter and shit (dark and bruutal).
  So yeah ive been a lil lazy with thee updates. Lots has happened since the last update, gatherings with dear friends, punk community thriving,  gigs, mistakes, lessons learned, never ending education in day to day life, and love! 

   Anyways, I titled this blog "Wake up time" and that's exactly what im hear to fucking blog about! So get fucking stoked, grab a seat, buckle up and hold on to your fucking hats, because its time to WAKE UP! 
   Fallow your dreams, fallow your feelings, don't let any mother fucking grind you down!
   Yeah sure I stole the title of this blog and some of the content from a Tom Petty song, but its fucking true. Real words misspelt or not to fucking live by!!
   Yeah I know,  you know this. Sure I might be preaching to the quire, but fuck what ever. Some times you gotta read that shit. Some times you gotta write that shit down. All i'm saying is go out there, learn, stay stoked, fallow your dreams, fallow your heart, PEACE, PUNK, LOVE, and LIFE!

picture above is me being a fucking retard
(do not attempt to re-create in any way shape or form)
  you do the crime and you pay! some times you loose $ / some times you can lose things that you love

Keep it punk
Stay Stoked
Until next time dear friends
-L.G. (Lenny Grinder)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just fucking stoked!

  Its great to be back hitting up the old blog baby! Fuck yeah, Alive And Thriving punk blog! UGH!

I think this entry shall be about. Keeping it Sun Stoked in the fall! UGH 

Lets start off on the right foot, "Killllllll buddy, stoked!"
  So hot beach days are over on the wet coast.  Well dont trip, just because you cant see the sun does not mean its not shining! Its just up above that cloud coverage. So pick you mind set up to about 40,000 feet with the help of punk and your back in the sun baby! Getting your tan on with stoke!
 I also find listening to Heratys helps out too! 
This might help out too:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

To eaze my mind in these troubled times......

 Fuck yeah back on the blog! Some bullshits gonna get exposed "ehh buddy ehh, ehhh"!

       Today on the Alive and Thriving punk blog i wanna start talking about Wealth! Its defined in the dictionary as "the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money" Yeah cash money millionaires! Jay Z baby! 50 inch screen,  money green leather sofa!  Or so that's what we are told Wealth is! Whats in your wallet? Diamonds on your neck Diamonds on your grill? 

How wealthy are you?  How much capital do you own? Have a car, own a house, invest in the stock market for a bigger and brighter future or are you just like Scrooge Mcduck and have a huge vault you swim around in money in?

  Guess what,  in the state of the world we live in the defintion of wealth is gonna change. Why because if you rich and affluent and if you have a plentiful supply of material good or money who cares. The worlds going down the shitter. Sure, if you got some cash you can pay the bills and buy some food and get drunk.

  Im not a man of big words, or good grammar.  Although i think Wealth needs to be redefined!

Wealth - "the quality of profuse happiness". Wealth is now measured not by whats in your wallet, but how many memories of kill buddy times are in your wallet! So if your like me now that i redefined wealth, your a cash money millionaire!!!!  

 Drink and be marry, you would be investing in your wealth! Im not sure if any of this came out the right way. I just wanna say, that life is good. Our community is alive and thriving, wich makes us are rich as fuck! Yeah up the punx, dont trip your richer then you think baby!

Well time for lendawg to cook up some food, which i purchased with money not my wealth! hahahaha

Until next time, peace, punk, love and life! <3


Sunday, August 8, 2010

crust is living shit

Oh god yeah, time for another stoked ass blog update!!!! !
So i got a job again. After 9 months of not working, im back to the slavery. Its nothing that i wanna be doing for the rest of my life or anything but its gonna pay the bills. So it works. Fuck slavery its fucked!  I worked 3 days last week.. "Muscles sore, body drained". I even got heat stroke on my first day back. It was brutal, but after work an amazing lady took care of me "what a woman!"!!!

Well enough about slavery!  Lets talk about punk shit!

Right now im listening to The Shitlickers GBG 1982. Shit is fucking punk! Track 1 from "sid a" warsystem kills it and so does track 4 from "sid a" The leader (pf the fuckin' assholes)

I got wretched, wrecked, and wasted this weekend. After slavery on friday. I got home a just started to tear shit up! Starting with beers on the porch, then a birthday party. Then I went to some shitty ass show at this hipster bar "The Astoria". Fuck the place was full of coked out hipsters and the bathroom stunk like coke shits and crappy coloan.  By the time i got to the bar, i was like warcollapse just drunk. I can remember how any of the bands were or anything. Or if i watched all the bands.  All i can kind of remember is the crowed and how not punk they were! So i just got stoked and moshed the fucking shit out of the floor! It was kill!!! Stage diving and just fucking shit up! Ha some woman even came up to me and punched me in the eye. She told me that my back pack bumped into her and that i should not be wearing it. Sod off wanker! Thats all i gotta say about that! UGH!

When saturday rolled around, i felt like a bag of smashed assholes. Then some how i pretty much did the same thing all over again! With out a hipster show and just hanging around in the house getting stoked on punk hanging with dear friends and get wretched wrecked and wasted!

Anyways another blog update, this is the story of  Lentube! UGH shitty spelling and gramar and just stoked on life!  Dont trip, stay kill!